Touchline80 Update

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Dear Touchline80 Supporters,

Due to my increasingly rigorous training schedule with my soccer club I will unfortunately be unable to post as frequently as I was previously. I will still continue to provide match day recaps and keep you up to date on the latest news when I can. Thank you!



Our New La Liga Correspondent

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My little brother will now be blogging on Touchline80. He will be taking the position of La Liga correspondent. He’ll write about all things Spanish football, or futbol, as they say in Spain. His posts will be in the La Liga category.

About the Authors

Touchline80 is a blog and I made on March 29, 2014. I am 11 years old (my name is Jack) and my little brother, who started blogging with me on April 16, 2015, is 9 (and his name is Joey). We both play soccer at a competitive level. In the year of 2012 our family visited England, France, and Portugal. Our Mom and Dad took us to a Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Sporting Lisbon (Cristiano Ronaldo’s first pro team) game and many others. While we were there we played for a local English club. When we returned to the U.S. we decided to make a blog for kids who love the game and enjoy following the leagues. I hope that you like our blog and “Keep calm and play football!”

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