Can Tottenham Win Silverware This Year?

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If your a Spurs fan like me you know how agonizingly painful it is going so many years without silverware (a trophy), but I believe that wait my be soon coming to a close. For one, Tottenham have one of the best teams they have had in a long time. Consisting of rising stars, Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Eric Dier, and Tom Carroll among other big names such as Toby Alderwiereld, Hugo Lloris, Jan Vertonghen, and Kyle Walker. They’re young and talented, meaning they should have a good team in the coming years as well as now. Also, with teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool underperforming it gives them less competition. At the moment the Lilywhites sit fourth in the Premier League and are still in the Capital One Cup. There is a possibility they could win the Capital One Cup. After all anything can happen in a playoff. Last year they made it to the final, but were beaten by Chelsea. As for the Premier League, they have a great chance of making the UEFA Champions League and possibly could win the title if they string together a few more wins. One of their criticisms is they tie to much. Only Everton have more. So, if you asked me I would say the Tottenham Hotspurs have a great chance of winning silverware this year and if they don’t, I think they definitely could in later seasons when their players start hitting their primes.


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