Chelsea Crisis: What’s Wrong with the Blues

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If you have been following the English Premier League you will know that Chelsea are experiencing a crisis. As of now they sit 16th in the table. Why are they having these troubles, though. This post is my opinion on why Chelsea is experiencing a crisis. One reason is they have just come off winning a title and may be having a hard time motivating themselves. After their first few losses they probably started to lose confidence in themselves too. Another big reason they have fallen upon hard times is because of their manager, Jose Mourinho (the “Special One”).

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It seems to me that he has had a bit of a falling out with some of his players. In their game against Southampton he subbed Matic on at halftime and then subbed him off 28 minutes later. I’m sure that Matic doesn’t like him very much after that incident. Earlier in the season he sat John Terry, who played every minute of every game last season, on the bench. Granted he hadn’t been playing very well, but he is the captain and by sitting him on the bench all your doing is making him mad and possibly lowering his confidence. If he would have played him it would have given him a chance to get back to playing well. Also, Chelsea rely a lot on their center-backs being able to make it very hard for their opponents to score. They only let in 32 goals last season, the least of any team. This year though, they have already conceded 17 goals, the second most in the league. This may be due to the fact that their defenders are getting old. John Terry is 34, Branislav Ivanovic is 31, and Gary Cahill is 29. None of them are particularly fast. So far Chelsea hasn’t looked good, but maybe they can pull it together and win a few matches. They’re going to have to if they want a spot in the UEFA Champions League. I think everyone can agree that it is very unlikely that they will be defending their title.

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