Footy Vocab and Pharses

Here is a list of words and phrases I may use in my writing that you might not know what they mean:

Footy- football (soccer)

Brace- when a player scores two goals it is called a brace.

Hat-trick- when a player scores three goals it is called a hat-trick.

Cracker (of a goal)- a spectacular goal.

Set Piece- a throw in, goal kick, free kick, penalty kick, or corner kick

Penalty Kick- a free shot that is awarded when a player is fouled in the box that is taken from the penalty spot. All other players other than the penalty taker and the opposing goalkeeper have to stand outside the box.

Free Kick- a free shot awarded outside of the box. Players are allowed to stand in front of the shot if they are a certain distance away.

Possession- the amount of time one team has control of the ball.

Penalty Shout- when players yell for a penalty to be called, but was not awarded by the ref.

The Box- the penalty box

Touchline- the sideline

Boots- cleats

Woodwork- goalpost

Crossbar- the top goalpost

Deflect- to bounce off of

Table- standings or a chart that shows all of the league teams’ positions

Sent Off- ejected or kicked off the field because of a red card

Hit the Back of the Net- scored

Stoppage Time- the time added on to a game at the end of full time due to stoppages in play earlier in the game

Opened his Account- scored his first goal of the season

Advantage- given by the ref to signify that their was a foul, but he is allowing play to continue. If the the team who the advantage is being played for loses the ball in the short amount of time they have the advantage then they will receive a foul. The ref holds both arms out in front of him parallel to each other when playing the advantage.

Click on the link below to learn about relegation and promotion:

I hope you learned a few new words and will be able to better understand my writing.


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