International Break Recap

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Here is a brief recap of this past week’s international break matches. Argentina played a replay of the World Cup Final when they faced Germany, but this time Argentina won, 4-2. England barely beat Norway, 1-0 with their only goal coming off a Wayne Rooney penalty in the 68th minute. Jurgen Klinsman’s  U.S.A. team beat the Czech Rebublic, 1-0 in their first game back from the World Cup. Belgium dominated against Australia and were able to pull off a 2-0 victory. Italy netted twice early on to get a win against the Netherlands. France won 1-0 against the former reigning World Cup champions, Spain. Once again Neymar scores Brazil’s only goal in their 1-0 victory over Columbia. Scotland almost tied the reigning World Cup champions, Germany, but they let in a goal in the 70th minute (and lost 2-1). Albania shocked Portugal by beating them in Euro qualifying, 1-0! Thank goodness that there is not another one of these breaks next week because not having Premier League was killing me!


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