English Premier League, Match Day 2

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Another amazing weekend of Premier League football (soccer) has gone by. If you missed it here is the recap of all the games. Newcastle dominated against Aston Villa, but wasn’t able to put a ball in the back of the net so the game ended 0-0. Leicester City held their own against title contenders Chelsea. The problem was they couldn’t finish any of their chances (kind of like Newcastle). After awhile Chelsea wore them down and the first goal came in the 62nd minute followed by another in the 77th minute making it 2-0. West Ham crushed Crystal Palace scoring two goals in the first half. Crystal Palace scored in the 48th minute, but it didn’t matter and West Ham scored again to seal the win. Southampton played hard against West Brom and was able to salvage a point. Nathan Dyer was the hero in Swansea match scoring the only goal of the game in the 23rd minute. Everton dominated in the first half of their game, going 2-0 up, but in the second half they fell apart. Arsenal scored a goal in the 83rd minute and the 90th minute to earn a point. Hull City may have been a bit unlucky to not get a win against Stoke City. Even though they went down a man due to a red card they did not despair and went ahead in the 42nd minute. Then in the 83rd minute Stoke won a throw in that clearly went out on them which started the play that tied the match (Unlucky!). Tottenham dominated against QPR and won 4-0 with Nacer Chadli scoring two goals. After Manchester United’s devastating loss against Swansea they were hoping to renew themselves in their match against Sunderland. They were a mess and was only able to get a tie. Manchester City played Liverpool in a huge match. It was a disaster for Liverpool and they lost 3-1 with their only goal coming off an own goal! Well, that is all for this week’s Premier League action and who knows what the future will hold!


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