The Cannibal Strikes Again

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In today’s World Cup match Uruguay needed a win against Italy to advance to the knock out stages. One of the toughest tasks in football is breaking down the Italian defense. Unfortunately, Uruguain superstar, Suarez, tried to do it with his teeth! Late in the match Suarez appeared to bite Italian defender Chellini. This would be the third time he has bitten someone on the pitch! Hopefully FIFA will take action and suspend him for the rest of the World Cup. The game was also affected by this incident. One minute later (81st minute), Godin scored to put Uruguay ahead 1-0. That was the only goal of the game and Uruguay are now going to advance to the Round of 16, and Italy are eliminated. Now you know why I referred to Suarez as the Dark Lord in my England vs. Uruguay post (The Dark Lord Returns to Terrorize England); although, a better nickname might be “Nagini”, Voldemort’s snake in the Harry Potter novels, as he was rather fond of biting people as well.


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