Celebrating: Part of the Game

Embed from Getty Images

Celebrating is one of the most talked about things in sports. In soccer it’s part of the game. Sadly some Americans say celebrating is bragging. I say it’s fun. My coaches in England once told me I needed to celebrate more when I score. Enjoy the moment. It’s ridiculous here how American football players get fined if they do certain celebrations. They’re just expressing their emotions. Soccer players come up with all kinds of cool celebrations. There is probably a list as long as me (4 feet 5 inches). People put celebrations in newspapers and kids talk about them at school in some parts of the world like England, Brazil, and Italy. Just recently ESPN soccer analysts were talking about a choreographed dance the Colombians did when they scored (The picture above shows exactly that. Look how happy they are 🙂 . Awesome! Everyone has their own way of celebrating what’s yours?


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