How Does the World Cup Work?

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The World Cup is what every soccer fan dreams of. It’s when countries come together to play soccer. But to really be able to enjoy it you have to understand how it works. Let me break it down for you. Every four years they have the World Cup. How do the teams get in the tournament though? Well every continent has a qualifying stage. If teams finish fairly high in their continent’s group they advance to the World Cup. In big continents with a lot of countries there are qualifying matches if you don’t finish high enough to automatically make it into the World Cup. Once you’re in the Cup there’s the group stages. There are eight groups with four teams in each (32 teams in all). You play each team in your group once and the top two teams make it out. To be in the top two teams you have to have more points than the other team. A win is worth 3 points. A tie is worth 1 point and a loss 0 points. If there is ever a tie in points it comes down to goal differential which is how many goals you’ve scored minus the amount of goals scored on you. Then comes the knockout rounds. First is the Round of 16. In this there are eight games. You play the other team once and whoever wins advances. If there is a tie then comes extra time (two 15 minute halves). If the game is still tied you go to penalties. Each team gets five penalties and whoever scores more wins. If penalties are tied you go to sudden death which is if one team scores the other has to also and vise-verse. This keeps happening in the Quarter Finals and Semi Finals. Then it’s also the same in the Finals, but whoever wins this game wins the World Cup. So, I hope you can now enjoy the World Cup even more now that you understand it! (If anyone still wonders about something just leave a comment)


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