Brazil vs. Croatia

Well there was a lot of controversy in the opening game of the World Cup. Brazil was off to a shaky start when Marcelo scored an own goal in the 11th minute, but luckily the wonder boy, Neymar came up big and tied the game in the 29th minute. Then in the second half the ref made a horrible call giving Brazil a penalty off a dive by Fred! Neymar fired a rocket that hit Stipe Pletikosa in the hands, but went in any way, 2-1 Brazil. in the last five minutes of the game Dejan Lovren won a header against Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar which was blasted into the net by a teammate, but it was called back for a foul (on Cesar). What?! Then to seal their undeserved win Oscar scored in the 90th minute making it 3-1 Brazil. If Brazil wants to win this tournament they’re going to need to play better than that. We’ll see if they can improve in their next match, but meanwhile don’t forget to watch today’s World Cup action!


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