Top 10 Most Likely Teams to Win the World Cup

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Here are my top ten teams who I think are the most likely to win the world cup:

1.  Brazil

Brazil are the favorites because they are hosting the competition, have a good deep young squad and beat last years World Cup winners, Spain, 3-0 in the Confederation Cup final.

2.  Germany

Germany also have a great young squad that has a lot of talent and will be tough opponents.

3.  Spain

Spain are reigning champions and have an amazing coach. They should be tough to beat in this year’s competition.

4.  Argentina

Argentina have arguably the best player in the world, Lionel Messi and many other world class players making them a tough opposition.

5.  Uruguay

Uruguay have some very strong players including Suarez (if he’s not suspended for biting someone), Cavani, and Maxi Pereira. They’re one team you probably don’t want to face.

6.  Italy

Italy has a strong squad this year that could become champions. Led by Pirlo they will be one to watch.

7.  Portugal

Portugal is home of some great talent. One player that is sure to stand out is Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo. They definitely have a chance to bring home the World Cup trophy.

8.  Belgium

Belgium has great potential this year with some amazing young players and could surprise everyone and win this year’s competition.

9.  England

England are the home of football and have some great talent. Although, every year they crack under the pressure of their fans. Will they do the same this year or will they take home the trophy?

10.  Chile

Chile have looked very strong lately and might have a shot at winning. You never know what might happen. They do have Alexis Sanchez who is a great distributor of the ball.

We’ll see who brings home the trophy from Brazil on July 13 (the final). Who knows what will happen.


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