The Champions League Final

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The Champions League Final is possibly the biggest game in soccer. This year two Spanish teams faced off in thrilling match. It was Atletico Madrid v.s. Real Madrid. The game was off to a great start and Diego Godín opened the scoring for Atletico. Almost the whole rest of the game nothing happened. Atletico was two minutes from being champions of Europe, but Sergio Ramos had to ruin it with a brilliant header into the net to make it 1-1. Then in stoppage time Atletico just fell apart. Real Madrid’s second goal came in the 110 minute when Gareth Bale scored. Then eight minutes later Marcelo scored to make it 3-1 and Cristiano Ronaldo topped everything off with a penalty in the 120th minute. So the final score was 4-1 making it 10 Champions League trophies for Real.


One response to The Champions League Final

  1. sushi

    That was an incredible game. What a header to finish the game though. No one expected extra time to happen like that. You have a very nice blog by the way. Good job

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