David Moyes’ Job

This post dosen’t matter anymore, but you can still read it if you want. David Moyes is one of the biggest mistakes Man U have ever made in my opinion. He has been a big part of all Manchester United’s failures, but he still hasn’t been fired. Every time he’s about to get fired he saves his job by winning a few games. For example, when he lost that Champions League game 2-0 to Olympiakos, but then he beat them 3-0 in the second leg. Just recently he tied Bayern Munchen and crushed Aston Villa 4-0, but who knows if he will keep winning. I think he should have been fired a long time ago. Man U has had a record breaking TEN loses this season. Manchester United has turned into Everton who are a middle table team and guess what. Roberto Martinez took over Everton and their in fifth in the table and might get a Champions League spot. Man U went from Champions to sixth place in the English Premier League. Every one is saying that he needs time like Alex Furgusen, but Furgusen didn’t inherit a team of world class players. My dad think they will give Moyes one more season, but if he is in sixth next season the owners will fire him. He might be able to turn it around in the transfer season if he can buy some good players. I don’t know about you but I think hiring David Moyes was a mistake (vote now and tell me if you think he should be fired).


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