How Cups Work

Every league in the world has there teams compete in at least one cup. England’s most important cup is the FA Cup. It is part of the treble. To win the treble you must win the, Champions League, the English Premier League and the FA Cup. If you win the FA Cup you earn a spot in the Europa League. Clubs all the way down to the 5th division compete in it. The first round consists of 80 teams playing in 40 games. There is only one leg (game) unless the game ends in a tie. Then there is a second leg. If that ends in a tie whoever has more away goals wins. If the amount of away goals is tied then the game goes into extra time. If there is ANOTHER tie the game goes into penalties. This continues for six more rounds until the final. The final is always played at Wembley unless it is under construction are some other reason. If the final is tied at the end of regular time it goes into stoppage time. If it’s tied at the end of that it goes into penalties. Whoever scores more penalties wins the cup(after 5 penalties if the game is tied it goes into sudden death which means if one team scores and the other doesn’t they win). There are also many other cups. The one other big cup is the League Cup which works about the same as the FA Cup. If you win that cup you also gain a spot in the Europa League. Usually the different cups have a lot of history behind them. The FA Cup is the oldest competition in the world. It was created in 1871. It’s 143 years old. WOW! Each league has a cup that is pretty similar to the English Cups (I’m saying this to save me the time of writing another 40 paragraphs about all the different cups). Well that’s all I know about cups and I hope you now know a lot more about cups now that I have shared my knowledge with you.


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